“When you come to AngelStreet, you got people looking out for you… They take care of you like you are their own children.”
- angelstreet Participant
“AngelStreet scooped me up and has loved me ever since. They are so helpful. We have fun while practicing. They teach us how to sing better and become a better woman.”
- angelstreet Participant
“AngelStreet provides an outlet for young girls to have a voice when they may not otherwise have an opportunity to shine.”
- Jill Dyson, Founder & Executive Director
"It's a wonderful thing seeing these young ladies out doing positive things in the community."
- Candise Marshall, AngelStreet Choir Coordinator
"I’m in awe! I remember the first AngelStreet group to ever perform! To see where AngelStreet was, currently is and where they are going is incredible. I can't wait to see what these girls do in our community in the future! They are amazing!"
- Kristin Funston, Writer/Author
"The fact there is this opportunity for young women, from these specific neighborhoods, to get out and in front of people and learn from great role models is absolutely incredible."
- Mary Jo Green, AngelStreet Co-founder + Creative Director
"That room was filled with love, inclusiveness, and TALENT! I was amazed at how your staff was able to spend one on one time with the girls, making each one feel special … At AngelStreet they have a safe space, some free time and some structured time with complete acceptance and love. I think you have created something amazing."
- Rebecca Davis, Data for Good