Terrian's Story

Terrian Bass Woods was one of AngelStreet’s first participants. She and [Founder] Jill Dyson quickly struck up a friendship, and as AngelStreet has grown over the years, their journey has been nothing short of incredible. Together, they have developed Terrian’s intrinsic gift for music, worked with young girls across inner-city Memphis to spread the power and beauty of personal expression and community through music, walked the stage of American Idol, and continue to take steps forward in full faith and anticipation of the adventure ahead.

As a cornerstone of Terrian’s career, AngelStreet continues to stand as a wonderful piece of her daily life. She now serves on AngelStreet Staff as a mentor to young girls and advocate for our nonprofit.


High Notes

Following a season of American Idol, original member Terrian released her first single and music video, “I Am Free,” featuring the girls from AngelStreet. Additionally, Terrian toured with a live theatrical group who opened for Newsboys during their 50-city tour. 

Finally, and most exciting... Terrian tours with chart-topping Christian artist, TobyMac, as female vocalist for DiverseCity. Additionally, she is a new artist signed with Gotee Records. As her audience grows, Terrian has introduced AngelStreet to many new followers via social media.