Our Programs 






AngelStreet began as an all girls choir and it remains the most popular program. Almost ALL AngelStreet participants are choir members. Under the direction of professional vocal instructors, they rehearse several times a week and regularly perform at special events, businesses, churches, and conferences.


Led by our participants, each year AngelStreet embarks on songwriting projects, featuring our choir and local artists. Girls are able to learn the tenants of songwriting, as well as record the original content in a professional recording studio.

Flock of Angels

FLOCK is a Christ-centered program offered to middle school aged participants that provides an opportunity for girls to learn about themselves and the world around them. They are able to hear from guest speakers, go on field trips, have fruitful discussions, and engage in healthy self- reflection.

Power Partners 

Relationships are at the center of how we approach transformation. Power Partners is a program that allows girls to build equitable, encouraging, and empowering relationships with powerful women of the memphis community.

Vocal Boot Camp 

Each summer, AngelStreet hosts a course designed to improve young vocalist’s skillset by implementing various singing techniques. This is also designed to introduce new young ladies interested in singing to our program. All are welcome, but spaces are limited!