Under the Halo

Greetings AngelStreet Family!

What a week it has been. We are in unprecedented times and our prayers are with you and your family as we all settle into navigating uncharted territory. But we have hope!

Although the chaos surrounding COVID-19 has halted our movement, it has not hindered our mission. The disengagement of our youth during such a volatile time,  particularly in areas with limited access, increases the need for active programming with healthy adult mentors. Our team is excited to remain engaged! We remain committed to developing young ladies through musical training, while practicing social distancing. Although we will not be gathering in person for rehearsals and other developmental activities, we are preparing innovative ways to engage our girls in the digital space.

Our desire that young ladies understand their value, discover their purpose, and become creative leaders has become even more critical during this time. We will also continue to stay in touch with our students and families on a regular basis and partner with others to serve our communities during this time of need. Our work does not stop! 

In this season, like many of you, AngelStreet has been reflecting on ways to maintain joy and remain grateful. As you can imagine, one of the things that bring us the most joy hearing the beautiful voices of our Angels. Even though we will miss seeing them for the next few weeks, they can still encourage us through song! 

Enjoy this video of our Angels expressing gratitude. God is still good, even in times of uncertainty; and we want to remember to continue to find reasons to say “Thank You”. 

Carrying The Light, 

Jill Dyson

President + Founder

Ruth Abigail Smith

Executive Director + Co-Founder

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