Summer 2022


by Ruth Abigail Smith, Executive Director + Co-Founder
In my twelve years of doing professional youth development, summer remains my favorite time of the year! It is the perfect time for new experiences, deepening current relationships, and forging new ones. For AngelStreet, this summer had it all. We took at trip to New York City, we piloted a new program, Crew University, and we had our 3rd annual Vocal Boot Camp. 

NYC (June 1-4)


In June, a group of ten Angels plus three staff took flight and hit the town. We explored museums, toured Harlem, enjoyed The Lion King on Broadway, shopped (of course), viewed the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge by double-decker bus and ate lots of good food. For many of our Angels this was their first time out of the state without family, their first trip to the East Coast, and for almost all of them, their first flight. What a privilege to be able to offer this opportunity! It is our hope that these types of exposures will further the belief that ANYTHING is possible and encourage them to take the limits off of their potential. 


“My experience was good. I liked that I got to experience and see new things that I wasn’t used to.” 
-Rashunna, 13
“I had a great time and I want to be able to travel more.”
-Destiny, 14 
“NYC was a fun and educational experience. We got to see all the landmarks, the activities were fun and the food was amazing.”
-Jade, 15

CREW UNIVERSITY (June 13-July 8)



Birthed from my experience as a teenager in Houston, Texas, Crew University is an "earning and learning" summer opportunity for middle and high school girls. Over the course of four weeks, these young ladies earned a total of $11,073 ranging from $795-$1087 of individual earnings. They deep dived into topics like Personal Finance and Music Business, as well as heard stories from nationally and internationally known artists right here in Memphis and closed with a live performance downtown in Court Square.


  • Loved the food!
  • Had fun!
  • Would rather be here than home
  • Enjoyed personal finance
  • Great organization
  • Learned a lot in all areas
  • Left with more knowledge than came in with
  • The mental health checks helped
  • Enjoyed morning activities
  • Learned how to take proper care of vocal chords

VOCAL BOOT CAMP (July 11-15)


This year Vocal Boot Camp soared to new heights! With a total of 31 participants, over 1/3 of them were brand new to AngelStreet. The girls co-wrote music, reached new levels of vocal ability, increased their knowledge of vocal health and technique, and of course had lots of fun!


  • The food was good! 
  • Enjoyed meeting new people
  • Liked hearing people sing
  • Enjoyed girl groups activity 
  • Loved learning new songs
  • Loved rehearsal
  • Enjoyed seeing people’s confidence to sing in front of others
  • Learned how to sing better and stronger
  • Had opportunities to show leadership
  • Appreciated being pushed beyond what we thought our limits were
  • Loved everyone cooperating with one another
  • Enjoyed seeing friends

Needless to say, Summer 2022 was special and we are already looking forward to doing it again!

Posted by Ruth Abigail Smith at 12:49