Qualities of an Angel

Courage. Love. Sisterhood. Leadership. Confidence.

Read along to learn more about the five qualities of an Angel!
(Plus a special video message from our Executive Director)

Courage. I willingly accept opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and take on healthy challenges. 

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Everything we do in AngelStreet seeks to grow five qualities in our participants. From rehearsals and performances to college tours and recording studio experiences, these young ladies are growing into powerful women of tomorrow.
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Love. I participate in actions that glorify God, put others above myself, and serve the greater good. 

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Women who exude the confidence and courage to go after their dreams; women who lead well, even when it goes against the grain; women who understand sisterhood and love unconditionally, even when it is not always easy. 
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Sisterhood. I have trusting relationships among a diverse group of peers and caring adults outside of my family. 

Leadership. I stand out as a positive example for fellow peers and the greater community. 
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Please help us celebrate them this season by continuing to support the critical work of developing creative leaders through music and mentorship.
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Confidence. I have a strong belief myself and my abilities. 

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The world is at a loss when its youth are not at their best.

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View a special message from our Executive Director with a glimpse of what's going on at AngelStreet

Upcoming Performances & Events
Dec. 8: Halloran Centre (Private Event)
Dec. 11: Advent Presbyterian Church 9am & 11am services (Cordova, TN)
Dec. 11: Le Bonheur Community Christmas Party 4pm
Jan. 16: Race for Reconciliation 11am (AutoZone Park)
Mar. 24: Grizzlies Faith & Family Night (FedEx Forum)
April 29: Spring Concert (Location TBD)
Sept. 25: AngelStreet Halo Golf Classic Fundraiser (Spring Creek Ranch)
December 2023: AngelStreet's 10th Anniversary

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