"Hops & Haloes" hosted by St. Agnes Academy

{Written by St. Agnes junior, Celia Watson.}

If someone were to say community, what would you think of? Maybe you imagine the small town where you grew up, the tight-knit group of friends you are a part of, or your workplace and coworkers. A community is all kinds of things: a book club, youth group, and everything between. But can you picture a whole city coming together to create a community of empowerment, love, and faith? The incredible nonprofit AngelStreet Ministries strives to build this type of community, right here in Memphis.

AngelStreet mentors young women through musical training in areas of Memphis where access to the arts is limited. As a student moved by AngelStreet’s message when founders Jill Dyson and Mary Jo Green spoke during St. Agnes Academy’s Speaker Series, I was ecstatic about the idea of an AngelStreet club on our own campus. Started by junior Emily Easley with the help of teacher Dr. Jennifer Lovelace, Angels Among the Stars was created to show the importance of kindness, generosity, and leadership within the Memphis community. And on Monday, November 18, 2019, Angels Among the Stars teamed up with the talented young women of AngelStreet to hold an event at High Cotton Brewery called "Hops and Haloes."

The focus of Hops and Haloes was to celebrate the hard work of Angels Among the Stars at St. Agnes Academy and to fundraise for the amazing team and girls at AngelStreet. Thanks to the Massey Family, who graciously offered High Cotton Brewery as an event space, the night was filled with fun, laughter, mingling, worship, and most importantly, an indescribable sense of community.

For guests who wished to donate, they had the option of a one time donation or a recurring donation of merely $11.11 a month, both resulting in a cup to fill up with free beer (courtesy of High Cotton). Food was also kindly provided by Edge Alley, a restaurant next door to High Cotton Brewery.

After some moving songs by the girls of AngelStreet, Jill Dyson, Mary Jo Green, and Ruth Abigail Smith (co-founders of the nonprofit) welcomed the guests and spread more of AngelStreet’s message. Some members of St. Agnes’ Angels Among the Stars also spoke at the event, sharing the impact that AngelStreet has had on their lives. These leaders included Emily Easley (president of the club), Rhetta Massey (club chairperson), and Dr. Jennifer Lovelace (club sponsor).

Ultimately, Hops and Haloes was a great way for students, family, and friends to spend time together and with some extraordinary young women of the Memphis community filled with God’s love.