Green Chair Conversation with Ruth Abigail

Hope Church's Green Chair Conversations
Episode 5 — "Act Justly: Ruth Abigail Smith" 

Rev. Jessica Morris invites Ruth Abigail Smith, Executive Director and Co-Founder, to talk practically and candidly about investing in the next generation as well as how we, as a diverse community, can strive for unity in the midst of the division our society is experiencing.

"Our role as an organization is to ask, 'What are we doing for the places and in the places where we exist?'  In so many communities where we exist, they are disinvested in and ignored.

What can we do, not to empower…because we don’t have power to give...but more so to lift up the power that exists in the community that’s already there; that was there before AngelStreet or anyone else arrived? We want to build a platform together to let people know there’s power here. And there’s beauty here. We see that as a role that AngelStreet can play as an organization.

I have a personal passion to see people get free. Loving and leading people into that. Recognizing the power that you have is not from people, but it’s from God. If you know that, no one can take that power away." 

-Ruth Abigail Smith

Thank you for continuing the conversation, Hope Church and Rev. Jessica Morris!