Artistic Angels

Giving Thanks through Art

Each fall, AngelStreet sends angel ornaments to supporters to show our gratitude for their investments in our organization. This year we partnered with local artist and friend, Candice Boatright, to create one-of-a-kind ornaments. Candice designed a process for our participants to express their talents with beautiful works of art. Through paints and various forms of mixed media, 500 finished ornaments show us how we have similarities, but are created differently. 

We invited students from St. Agnes Academy’s Angels Among The Stars club to create with us from start to finish. They painted and glued alongside participants for a Christmas in July craft event during our summer Vocal Bootcamp. Then in November, they assisted our staff to assemble the final ornaments to package with our cards and annual reports to mail. 


Creative Director and Co-Founder, Mary Jo Green, shares, “This was a precious opportunity to help our Angels share their artistic gifts in a different way than through song. I believe that God creates each of us to be an artist in our own unique way. I’ve heard girls say, ‘I’m not an artist. I can’t draw (paint, design, etc.) very well.’ I reminded them that we are all artists, we just have to trust God to hold the paintbrush! I explained that Ms. Candice creates beautiful paintings and I design various projects on the computer to tell about AngelStreet. God uses our gifts just how He intends for them to be used! Each of us is His Masterpiece that is displayed in the beautiful gallery of our community!”  

During this Giving Season, we wish you lots of love and peace and you celebrate the gifts He has given to you.