AngelZoom Engagements

AngelStreet launched our AngelZoom sessions in April and we hosted eight online gatherings during the month. We are grateful for the "live" engagement we have throughout the week to complement our AngelZone digital platform the participants may access on their own. 

"Being in AngelStreet has been one of the most life-changing things. They’re always there for me and I can text them and say, 'Hey I’m having some issues. Could you pray and be someone I can lean on?' And of course they will. I was sad when we couldn’t have our meetings. But I’ve had fun on the Zoom calls and have learned about make up and yoga. We do fun activities on AngelZone, too."  -Kharma, age 13

Most of our sessions focused on re-establishing our normal vocal training rehearsal schedule, meeting on Mondays and Thursdays of each week. Additionally, our Music and Outreach teams collaborated on lesson topics to have 15-minute small group breakouts concerning: Social Distancing, Confidence, Stretching and Make-up & Performance. 

“We learned alot about girly stuff and how to take better care of our body. I think it's important in this time we have and I'm happy we're all safe and together.”  -Mariah, age 14

Our Outreach team hosted two mid-week mentoring sessions, targeting our middle school participants, where they shared lessons on "The Importance of Community" and an indoor scavenger hunt. 

“It has been tough figuring out what Outreach means during this time. It’s hard when I am not able to physically be there to pick up signals when a girl wants to talk or hug them when they need it. But God has provided special moments through zoom calls and phone chats that have given me a chance to connect with the girls. They are smart, creative, and hilarious. I learn from them and their strength. I am ready to get back to normal, but have appreciated the creativity and community from the AngelStreet staff and our Angels!”  -Emily Bennett, North Memphis Community Outreach Coordinator