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Summer 2022

WHAT A SUMMER! by Ruth Abigail Smith, Executive Director + Co-Founder   In my twelve years of doing professional youth development, summer remains my favorite time of the year! It is the perfect time for new experiences, deepening current relationships, and forging new ones. For AngelStreet, this summer had it all. We took at trip to New York City, we piloted a new program, Crew University, and we had our 3rd annual Vocal Boot Camp.  NYC (June 1-4)    &nbs... Read More
Posted by Ruth Abigail Smith at Thursday, August 11, 2022

A Year of Firsts

A YEAR OF FIRSTS by Ruth Abigail Smith (Executive Director + Co-Founder) I remember my first piano recital. Yikes! I was six years old and terrified. So terrified, in fact, that I froze on stage and refused to play anything until my father joined me on the bench. Luckily, he obliged. Comforted by his presence, I went on to play my “Mary Had a Little Lamb” variations on a theme, then ran off in tears from the trauma of it all.  Rarely does any first-time experience go as ... Read More
Posted by Ruth Abigail Smith at Sunday, November 1, 2020