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Coffee and Words Podcast

An interview with the AngelStreet Founders Jill, Ruth Abigail and Mary Jo were invited to be guests on "Coffee and Words" with host Sarah Jenkins and co-host Cheryl Morgan. Enjoy their discussion entitled "Empowering Young Women To Become Strong Leaders" The Season 3 Finale of Coffee & Words is here! AngelStreet Memphis is doing big things in their community. With a music-centered approach, AngelStreet is using The Arts to inspire, encourage, and teach young women ... Read More
Posted by Mary Jo Green at Thursday, December 15, 2022

Artistic Angels

Giving Thanks through Art Each fall, AngelStreet sends angel ornaments to supporters to show our gratitude for their investments in our organization. This year we partnered with local artist and friend, Candice Boatright, to create one-of-a-kind ornaments. Candice designed a process for our participants to express their talents with beautiful works of art. Through paints and various forms of mixed media, 500 finished ornaments show us how we have similarities, but are created differently.&... Read More
at Thursday, December 2, 2021