Youth Programs Coordinator

Role: Oversee all elementary youth development programs and activities

Started: August 2022

"I chose to be part of AngelStreet because I want to be a part of helping to mold another generation for the better. Young black women have been a minority in several arenas and I want the young ladies here to know that there will be obstacles but they can shift a room for the better with their presence. With their voice." -Kara Rodgers

  • I LOOVVEE watching Korean dramas!
  • I’ve sung at The Kennedy Center.
  • I’ve been in an independent movie.

FRIDGE MUST-HAVE: Almond or Oat milk!
FAVORITE RANDOM PLACE IN MEMPHIS: Memphis Listening Lab in Crosstown
I use to play the violin when I was in the second grade. I was a part of an organization called Arts & Culture where I got exposed to several cultures as a child and acting experiences.


"Do your best and let God do the rest.”
-Kara Rodgers-

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