Music Director

Role: Oversee all aspects of musical training and performances

Started: August 2015

"I personally think one of the greatest investments one can make is in the life of another and the best way to pay it back is to pay it forward. Growing up, I had someone invest her time and love that created a life-long impact. I would be honored to be that for our Angels." -Joy Freeman

  • Moved to Memphis from Mombasa, Kenya, in 1988
  • I placed a bowl on top of my head and gave myself a bowl haircut as a little girl.
  • Adajyo, the singing group I'm in, received the Juneteenth Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018. We were one of 10 recipients and it was truly an honor.

FRIDGE MUST-HAVE: chocolate protein shake
Janice McIntyre is my former youth pastor. The youth group called her "PJ" instead of "Pastor Jan." The first words she ever said to me were, "you are so beautiful!" She always believed in me and told me I could do anything. I attended numerous youth camps, youth rallies and outreach events because of her.
I was in choir 6th through 12th grade. I also play a hot pink bass and am in a singing group, Adajyo.

The KLove Fan Awards [May 2018] was very fun and memorable. We rode to Nashville in a nice charter bus, hung out backstage for a little while with Mandisa and TobyMac. We received the opportunity to sing as their choir and other amazing Christian artists such as Natalie Grant, Bart Millard and many more.
This organization is unique on various levels. One unique fact is it's free for participants. Why not give to a non-profit that goes the extra mile to really be intentional about serving the community in this selfless way? Also, I genuinely respect AngelStreet for consistently creating a healthy and creative environment for girls to know that they're limitless.

"Comparison is the thief of all joy."
-Theodore Roosevelt-



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