AngelStreet COVID Policy: In-Person

Location: Bickford Community Center
Time: Any In-person Gathering 
Maximum number of participants in AngelStreet room: 

  • FLOCK (Wednesdays 3:30-5pm) = 15 participants
  • SINGING SESSIONS (Thursdays 4pm-6pm)  = 12 participants 
  • Power Partners (scheduled individually) = 15 participants

*AngelStreet staff will confirm your child’s participation via text and/or the Remind app. 




AngelStreet S.I.N.G. Safe Precautions:

  • S - Six feet social distance and sanitize all surfaces during all in-person activities. 
  • I - Individual temperatures will be reviewed before singers enter in-person sessions. 
  • N - No participants showing 1 high-risk symptom or 2 low-risk symptoms will be allowed in session.     
    • If a participant has 2 low-risk symptoms or 1 high-risk symptom, she will be moved to a self-isolation dressing room until a parent picks them up.
  • G - Guards over mouth and nose (mask, scarfs, and/or face shield) are required by everyone in session. AngelStreet will have masks available if participant arrives without one! 

If a participant or staff tests positive for COVID-19, contact:

1.  Self-report positive test to COVID Call Center, 833-943-1658.

Josephine Ngaluafe-Burks, MPH (click on link to email)
Public Health Coordinator,COVID-19 Response Unit
Shelby County Health Department
2655 Dividend Dr., Memphis, TN 38132
Office: 901-222-0186

2.  Additionally, please contact AngelStreet via text at 901-736-3520. 

Consult this chart for help figuring out if you should attend AngelStreet in person...