North Memphis Community Outreach Coordinator

Role: Community & Participant Engagement

Started: September 2019

"A feeling of sisterhood is something I think all girls should experience in their life, so I am beyond happy to be a part of AngelStreet's mission to achieve that through musical training and creative programming. Every girl should feel loved, confident, supported, and challenged, and AngelStreet creates a safe place for girls to discover themselves and develop their passions." -Emily Bennett

  • From Memphis, TN
  • Have attended the Men's Finals of the French Open.
  • Can play "Oh When the Saints Go Marching In" on harmonica.
MEMPHIS MUST-EXPERIENCE: Cafe Keough...best cappuccino!

FRIDGE MUST-HAVE: Milk for coffee
In middle school, my youth leader was an incredible mentor who valued quality time and authenticity with her students. Her confidence and wisdom gave me guidance in my middle school years and carry on to my role at AngelStreet. I am thankful for her kindness, quirkiness, and passion for her work and the people she serves. 
I was never patient enough to learn a musical instrument, so sports were my passion. Though, I always had a love for music and theatre. My sister and I were in community theatre productions in our elementary years, but we still have a love for Broadway and theatre as adults. I took a ceramics course and an acting course in college which relit my love for the arts.

A Starbucks/Baskin Robbins hangout with three amazing middle schoolers. We just got to share quality time, talk, and be goofy. Driving and listening to music while taking the girls home was so simple, but so sweet getting to spend time with them.
We learned from each other during a mentor day where the theme was Emotions. We talked about anger, sadness, happiness, empowerment, etc.. It sparked a deep conversation about race, societal norms, vulnerability, and being able to communicate feelings. It was such an incredible moment to listen to the stories and opinions being shared by these amazing girls!

I believe that all girls should have the opportunity to have a safe space to be encouraged by peers and leaders to grow and create to make a better Memphis. AngelStreet is a place where our girls have a sisterhood and the freedom to create! 

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

-Philippians 4:13-

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