Crew University

A four-week summer program designed to provide unique performance experiences for middle & high school girls. Provides summer income and opportunities to close the gender gap in knowledge and expertise in the music business industry.  

Takes place June 13-July 8, 2022 (Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm) at the Oasis Enrichment Center inside of Bickford Community Center. 

About Crew University:

Crew is a small ensemble of participants with mature voices. This group was birthed from AngelStreet’s desire to create more musical and leadership opportunities. Students will engage in daily musical training in preparation for community performances at the end of the program. Students will also take daily courses around personal finance, music business literacy. In addition, students will hear from and interact directly with local and national leaders in the music industry, sharing their stories and key tips to being successful on their journey. Once a week students will visit different businesses in order to observe business operations, ask questions of business leaders, and interact with team members. Students will also participate in team-building activities to grow them as a performance group. Finally, students will receive compensation based on the revenue from performances, as well as class and program participation. 
We believe in catalyzing the creativity in the next generation. And we believe opportunities for economic mobility should exist locally in neighborhoods that need it the most. Musical training is not limited to vocal training and performance, it is also about learning the aspects of both the business and production side of the music industry. According to research, women make up only 9% of sound engineers and 2% of producers in the music industry, and there are currently no programs in Memphis that put a laser focus on young ladies when it comes to these skills.
Made possible in part from the 2022 Shelby County Summer Grant