AngelStreet is a FREE program for girls in 3rd-12th grades. With a talented staff and team of mentors, you will have fun, learn about music, sing (a lot), and grow as a leader. We’ll have performances throughout the year, field trips, service opportunities and so much more! 

Fall 2020 Schedule:  Choir rehearsals begin the week of September 21 and will be hosted on Zoom to ensure the safety of those participating. Rehearsals will take place once per week, from 4:00 to 6:00pm, on a day that will be assigned by staff based on the Angel’s vocal range.   Mondays: Sopranos  *  Tuesdays: Altos  *  Thursdays: Tenors

How to audition: (Be sure to get your parent/guardian's permission)

CREATE a one-minute video...

  • Record yourself singing a song that best suits your voice (no explicit lyrics, please).You can even sing a simple song like Happy Birthday or The Alphabet!
  • Videos should be 60 seconds or less.

EMAIL video...

  • Submit video to [email protected]. << click link for quick access
  • Email Subject Title should be “AngelStreet Audition Video - Angel’s First & Last Name." 
  • In your email, please put your parent/guardian’s name, cell number and email. Note: Your video will not be shown to or shared with anyone else except the AngelStreet Team.

WAIT and see...

  • Submit on or before September 21, 2020.
  • The AngelStreet team will let you know if you were accepted and your vocal section by contacting your parent/guardian before September 21.